Dining and Shopping in Pattaya

Pattaya is one of the famous beaches and familiar to tourists of Thailand. Most people usually choose it after Bangkok sightseeing as an attraction additional to their trips because it is the nearest beach from the capital Bangkok. If you are about to visit this beautiful beach, here are some suggestions for dining, shopping venues.

NOTE THAT: Before gliding eating, or going out, you should drop in the Tourist Information center for a tourist map. It will more convenient for you to travel and find somewhere.

  1. Enjoy Pattaya cuisine

  • Along South Pattaya has many fine-dining, complement, cheap. Some foods you should eat:

Tom Yum ( the most delicious soup of Thailand with the seafood or chicken and other flavours of coconut milk, lime leaves, ginger, lemongrass fried together and then eat with lemon aroma (this dish is very spicy, so before you eat, if you do not, you should require staff that “no spicy please”). Price: 80 – 150Baht (small/large)

Tom yum Pattaya
Source: Internet

2. Somtom: the best highlight of Pattaya food arts and one also listed on the top 10 dishes of Thailand  is Papaya Papaya Crab Salad which is blended with other fresh chili pepper, fish sauce, dried shrimp, lemonade, peanut. Price: 35 – 50Baht

Source: Internet
Source: Internet

3. Stir Fried Morning Glory: Thai-style stir-fried water spinach

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Source: Internet

4. Sea fish steamed or grilled with salt

5. Mango sticky rice

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Source: Internet

6. Grilled pork, bacon, grilled seafood

  • 2nd dining area is: Walking street. Located in Soi 13-16 South Pattaya. There are numerous foods like grilled chicken, or Turkey lamb, fresh seafood. Many seafood restaurants open from noon to evening at a wide range of prices: you can request for one set of 1000-1500b included shrimp, three crab, squid … Otherwise, you can order some courses you like or BBQ buffet, and then dining while watching the sea.
  • 3rd option for your menu is the center food courts at some shopping centers as: Royal Garden Plaza, right next to the entrance way of Walking Street, Central Festival (near the Hilton hotel) and Avenue (which is far away, located in the far North Pattaya). Prices there are very reasonable, especially in Central Festival (under the Central chain)

Besides, McDonald, KFC, 7-Eleven, Burgerking, pizza are sold everywhere on the streets..

  1. Shopping in Pattaya

All malls open at 11.00 am.

  • Central Festival Centre shopping: modern and beautiful to go. Address: Pattaya 2. There is the cinema system from 2D to 6D cinemas. 1 karaoke area and Games area on  6, 7th You should go to 6, 7th floors to watch the sea or sit at a balcony for coffee with romantic and cool atmosphere. Opening hours: 10.00 am – 11.00 pm everyday
  • Source: Internet
  • Royal Garden Plaza: Address: Beach Road, South Pattaya, Soi 14 or 15. This is an entertainment complex located on the 3rd floor of more than 10 games. Fares range: 1000B/ person for all the games, which is better than try one with an expensive cost (at least 400-500Baht). Royal Garden Plaza is very suitable for both shopping and eating. In the front of there are some restaurants serving cheap tasty buffet sets.
  • Royal garden plaza Pattaya
  • Avenua: it is large as well as stunning but far. The scale and characteristics are of the same with Central Festival center shopping.
  • Mike Shopping Mall: the oldest building of Pattaya located next to the Royal Garden. It’s the cheapest place of all.

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