Dien Bien: Cherry blossom festival 2018

Cherry blossom festival 2018 in Muong Phang, Dien Bien

In order to promote tourism development and prepare for Dien Bien Phu – Pa Khoang National Tourism Area in 2020, Cherry blossom festival is held for the first time in Dien Bien province from January 5th to January 7th, 2018 in Pa Khoang and Muong Phang commune, also in Dien Bien Phu city center.

Lying at more than 1,000 meters above mean sea level, Muong Phang not only has imposing primitive forests that still show the ancient beauty of thousands of plants from ages ago but also has a kind of flower that one rarely sees in Vietnam – Cherry blossom. In the whole area of Northwest Vietnam, it is easy to run into apricot flowers, but only in Muong Phang can people find this species of cherry blossom, Edohigan Sakura from Kyushu island in Japan.

Cherry blossom festival
Cherry blossom tree on the island

The origin of Cherry blossom in Dien Bien

Mr. Tran Le, who is over 60 years of age but still staying lucid and devoting wholeheartedly to his career, is the Director of Muong Phang Agroforestry Science Joint-Stock Company. He is also known as the owner of this “Cherry blossom island”. He told us about how this species of cherry blossom was brought into Vietnam.

Years ago, he once came to know a Japanese man through his economical relations in agricultural production and exportation. Since the Japanese man knew Mr. Tran Le was working in the biological science field, he gave the Director 10 cherry blossom seeds to plant in Vietnam. Despite having lots of bases across the country, Mr. Tran decided to try out the plantation in Muong Phang as this place has suitable soil conditions as well as a rich history.

Cherry blossom festival
Cherry blossom tree in Muong Phang

The “Cherry blossom island” in the middle of a wide lake

Since 2006, through ups and downs as 5 plants were given back to the Embassy of Japan, 4 of them have been planted successfully on the “Cherry blossom island” and propagated into thousands of different trees. They have well blossomed into mesmerizing flowers. Although they cannot preserve their original colors, their beauty is still hypnotizing and attracting numerous tourists from every part of Vietnam and other countries, too.

Since then, Mr. Tran Le has been provided 5 hectares of land by the government, and he intends to cover the whole island in the middle of Pa Khoang lake with cherry blossom. There are about 20 species of cherry blossom on the island now. They seem to adapt well to Muong Phang’s weather, with no rain in winter and a cool weather in summer. The temperature could vary up to 10 degrees Celcius between daytime and nighttime.

Cherry blossom festival
The 8-year-old cherry blossom tree, one of the four first trees on the island

Cherry blossom festival 2018 in Dien Bien

In preparation for the Cherry blossom festival 2018 in Muong Phang, Dien Bien, the Residents’ Committee together with Tran Le Joint-stock company decided to carry out a thorough inspection in the afternoon of December 27, 2017 such as building a stage for the opening ceremony or planning carefully so that the flowers will not be destroyed by the crowds throughout the event.

Furthermore, the locals will also present their traditional performances and authentic games, together with showing their long-time customs of the Thai ethnic-minority people to make impression and draw the attraction of tourists.

Cherry blossom festival
Mr. Tran Le (right) with a tourist on the island

Beside cherry blossom, this island is also home to numerous precious species of flowers like lilies, orchids and Mimosa.

Tourists arriving here will be delivered to the island by a small boat.

Cherry blossom festival
Tourists arriving here will take a boat to the island.

In summary, if you still wonder where to visit in such a beautiful spring day, or you want to take part in a cherry blossom festival right here in Vietnam, do not forget to come to Muong Phang in Dien Bien province on this first weekend of 2018. It is guaranteed that you will feel like being lost in a blossom heaven with different shades of the flowers.


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