Delicacies in Indonesia you must try

Delicacies in Indonesia you must try

From the moreish noodles, spicy curry, fish wrapped in banana leaves to the salad nicely, the Southeast Asian country that give visitors an unforgettable dining experience.

Delicacies in Indonesia you must try

Sambal: this sauce made of the chili which appears in almost every meal of the people of Indonesia. Basic sambal sauce made from chilies, dried shrimp paste, chang water, sugar and salt in a small mortar. Indonesians have hundreds sambal sauce, to dip meat, fruits…

Delicacies in Indonesia you must try

Satay: Meat stick is one of the dishes which is not only delicious but also cheap in Indonesia. Chicken, goat, sheep or rabbit marinated, grilled over charcoal and serve with peanut sauce. You can enjoy this dish at roadside stalls, eating the rice cakes, cucumber or onion.


Bakso: This meatball soup have been praised by  US President Barack Obama during his visit to Jakarta. There are many ways to prepare Bakso: meatballs the size of a golf ball or more, made from chicken, beef, fish, or a mixture, broth fragrant chan. This dish is sold in the street car, served with shallots, boiled eggs and wonton.


Nasi Goreng: Considered as the national dish of Indonesia, nasi Goreng including fried rice sprinkled a soy sauce thick and sweet, extra pickles, eggs tiles and herbs.



Bakmi Goreng: this is popular noodle in Indonesia. Bakmi noodle fibre are thin, fried with eggs are fried, meat and vegetables. Each restaurant has its own spice recipe which are very attractive.


Gudeg: Gudeg is the specialty of the city of Yogyakarta. Jackfruit is stew for hours along coconut milk, palm sugar until soft. This sweet dish add some spices, including teak leaves to create attractive brown color. Gudeg be eating the same rice, boiled eggs, fried chicken and cow leather.


Bakpao: dish of meat dumplings are usually sold briskly during peak hours. In addition, you can enjoy cake with many other taste such as chocolate and green bean, marked with a dot above. Dumplings sold in the streets and pretty cheap prices.


Sayur asem: temarine soup is usually eaten with fried foods, with so rich of vegetables and other typical ingredients of Indonesia as melinjo (melinjo), bilimbi (sour me) and chayote.


Bebek Goreng: Duck is the common poultry in Indonesia, but this duck dish are processed picky. It is crunchy fried, eaten with rice.

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