Container Dining In Singapore

Container Dining In Singapore

If you have known about artistic Haji Land and multicultural Holland Village, you should not ignore Timbre +, new style of dining area first debuted at Lion Island.

Travel Singapore don’t forget to visit Timbre+ which is unique container dinning

To have a perfect travel to Singapore you won’t be able to miss this popular food place where you can taste unique foods of Singapore and enjoy new style of restaurants.

Container Dining In Singapore

Timbre + is the dining area inspired by the container and vintage container trucks, dusty, inspirational look.

Container Dining In Singapore

Food Street is designed in wide, tall, airy space so that it is not hot despite the restaurants here continuously operate from 6 am to midnight.


Each food counters is a vintage truck, or containers funny-painted with vibrant colors.

Container Dining In Singapore

Some shops are also designed like a bar, or a corner store that visitors can enjoy coffee and light refreshments.

Container Dining In Singapore

You can find food come from Singapore, European, American or Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand … here.


Be in dining city you will have to self-service at the fast food outlets. Guests must deposit to have a tray and they will be refund after give the tray back.


At checkout bar, customers will have to pay an additional 1 SGD for plastic trays used for packaging food or drinking water. When finishing, the guests bring dishes tray to the designated area, push into automatically conveyor then 1 SGD coins will fall out from the small box above.


Local eating counters only operate from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. The restaurant will serve from 8:00 am to 00:00 pm.


Beside the young Singaporeans and tourists, you can also see the middle-aged locals come across to enjoy quality cuisine here with affordable price. Every night, it organizes variety of music programs.


To come here, visitors can take the MRT to One-North station (which is symbolized CC23, orange). The MRT in Singapore always ends before midnight.

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