Bia hoi junction Hanoi – How to quench your thirst

When darkness starts to cover the atmosphere, another vibrant night life in the heart of the capital is now on. In these blazing days of Hanoi, people seem to hide inside the cool rooms and flock to various social spots to enjoy the night after sunset. If you are finding the answer for the question: “Where do we go after dark in Hanoi?”, then heading to the busy and active bia hoi junction Hanoi is such a great choice. Let’s go and quench your thirst there!

bia hoi junction Hanoi

1. Ta Hien Street – Bia hoi junction Hanoi:

You may have heard of bia hoi junction Hanoi from a lot of people. But do you know exactly where the place is? No need to beat around the bush, it is Ta Hien Street – one of the most bustling streets in Hanoi Old Quarter. Located in the center of the capital, Ta Hien Street only stretches for about 200 m and is home to various food stalls, restaurants, souvenir shops, clothes shops, etc. Ta Hien during the day looks like any other streets in Hanoi with the hustling pace of life of buyers and sellers, of vehicles and many other daily local activities. When the night comes, however, the street appears to come back to its nature as a hot night spot.

Ta Hien Street during the day - bia hoi junction hanoi
Ta Hien Street during the day – Photo from

From 6:00 PM, local sellers prepare for another sleepless night. They arrange some small plastic chairs and tables in front of their stores ready to welcome guests. At around 7:00 PM, Ta Hien Street starts to receive very first guests. If your group wants to gather in your Hanoi one day tour, remember to come early as the street is going to get crowded very soon.

A busy Ta Hien at night - bia hoi junction hanoi
A busy Ta Hien at night – Internet photo

Enjoying some glasses of bia hoi – Vietnam fresh beer added with some mouth-watering foods while listening to other’s stories or the trendy pop songs I’m sure you can sit here for hours if you are not up to anything. It is the authentic vibe of bia hoi junction Hanoi which cannot be blended with other places.

2. What does Ta Hien Street have – Bia hoi junction Hanoi:

About bia hoi:

Well-known as the bia hoi junction Hanoi, the most famous thing here is bia hoi – fresh beer or craft beer of course. Are you curious about how it tastes? Bia hoi has a unique flavor. It is quite light, not pungent. If you drink up to 5 glasses of bia hoi, you will start feeling drunk. The price of one glass is so cheap, just about VND 5,000. Besides, bia hoi, Ta Hien offers a variety of choices from Hanoi beer, Saigon beer, Tiger beer, Heineken beer, Ta Hien Street has more interesting things to keep the feet of visitors.

About foods offered:

Next up, we can’t miss out the list of yummy and easy-to-eat foods such as fried rice, hotpot, grilled chicken, grilled dried squid, fermented pork roll, nem Phung, boiled peanut, chips, cheese stick, chicken fried with citronella and many other tasty dishes.

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Look at the cool beer mugs, the white foam wrapped in the golden color of the beer, displayed on the table with grilled bird dishes, chicken fried with citronella and chili or potato chips to push the beer mug, all makes the “table” as a vibrant culinary picture, not only inviting diners but also making them fall in love with that.

Glasses of bia hoi
Glasses of bia hoi – Internet photo

About the ambience:

What else does the bia hoi junction Hanoi have? It is the unique setting of Ta Hien Street. The bia hoi junction Hanoi is easily recognized by its simple and street style. Everything is on the street sides with plastic or wood low chairs which are used for both seat and table. The friendly and comfortable atmosphere, tasty beers and foods are the main attractions of Ta Hien Street. All will bring such memorable moments to fulfill your Hanoi One Day Tour.

3. What can we do after some cool hours sitting in Ta Hien Street?

Hanoi looks much more vibrant at night with hundreds of exciting activities which promise to satisfy any nightlife vibe of visitors. If you have no idea what you’re going to do next, then let us give you some suggestions. Are you a night owl or early riser?

Live it up your Best nightlife in Hanoi with us!

Bia hoi junction Hanoi
Bia hoi junction Hanoi – Photo from Nemtv


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