Best Villages in Sapa You Must Visit

The breathtaking Sapa is home to many different ethnic groups with a lot of enticing culture and traditions. When travelling to the poetic town, tourists should visit and discover five best villages in Sapa listed below! Let’s go!

1. Cat Cat Village – Best Villages in Sapa:

Cat Cat Village - best villages in sapa
Cat Cat Village

From Sapa Town center to Cat Cat Village is only 2 km. This place is the oldest village of Hmong ethnic people and still retains many traditional crafts such as florists, linen weaving and jewelry crafted. Especially, it retained many unique customs in other regions do not have, or no longer exist in original. Through the looms, Hmong people make up the colorful brocade with unique patterns simulate grass, flowers, birds, etc.

This best village in Sapa attracts lots of visitors. You can explore its beauties with this Sapa tour from Hanoi to Cat Cat Village.

2. Ta Phin Village

Ta Phin VIllage - best villages in sapa
Ta Phin Village

The first stop of travelers to visit Ta Phin is the monastery, a unique ancient western-style architecture was built in the late 19th century, so far remains the ancient look. Facing the monastery is Ham Rong Mountain with the spectacular beauty and many different shapes, emerging as a giant dragon stature is rising his head high covers an area of Sapa.

Continuing the journey, you will get to visit the brocade club by Hmong & Dao ethnic people. Visitors will be admired the vibrant colors on traditional costumes of Hmong, Red Dao people.
Together with brocade club, traditional medicinal herbal bath products are also being restored and developed. Currently, Ta Phin has 18 households of Dao people specialized in manufacturing and trading herbal bath products. Besides, they also built the bathrooms with wooden barrel tub for tourists experience and wash away the aches, pains and worries.

3. Ta Van Village – Best villages in Sapa:

Ta Van Village in Sapa
Ta Van Village in Sapa

Ta Van Village is about 8 km from the town center. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about lifestyle of the Giay ethnic people. Ta Van village road is small, narrow and dirt road with two sides are the fertile terraced fields. Giay people have the main occupation is rice-growing, besides, they also produce and carve silver. Visiting here, do not miss the chance to explore rich culture of Giay people and their customs as well.

4. Ho Village:

Ban Ho Village
Ban Ho Village

Coming to Ho village, you’ll be living in a cozy atmosphere and friendly natives with family. In the morning, you will be guided to visit the Hoang Lien National Park, where plant species, animals are abundant. Because the climate in the Ho village is warmer than other areas (an average of 18 – 25 degrees Celsius) so travelers can immerse in the stream Lave in the noon and admire majestic waterfalls.

5. Sin Chai Village

Sin Chai Village - best villages in sapa
Sin Chai Village

Sin Chai Village belongs to San Sa Ho Commune, located about 4 km from Sapa center. There’re not many tourists knowing about this village therefore it still retains original from scenery to traditional customs of ethnic people. This village is the home to 1400 Black H’mong people. Coming to this peaceful village, visitors will be suprised because of many elderly people and their secret of the longevity.

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