Best Places To Visit In Philippines

Best places to Visit in Philippines

After many trips abroad, I still want to travel around the Philippines. A lot of my later trips was a re-visiting of places that inspired wanderlust the most in my early years of traveling. I think you will have the same idea with me after seeing 6 places bellow:

1. Mt.Banahaw

Best places to Visit in Philippines

Mt. Banahaw is a volcano and has been one of the ideal trekking and hiking spots for thrill -seekers. For locals, it is look at a pilgrimage and they even call it ‘Holy Mountain’. Some even believe that there were a number of apparitions that happened in the area.

2. Makiling Botanic Gardens in Los Baños

Best places to Visit in Philippines

This is a tour which is recommended for those who are interested on plants and animals. You can take great shots of flowers and you can even find rare plants and trees. Remember that it would be best to visit in the morning so you can maximize your stay.

3. Underground Cemetery in Nagcarlan


Nagcarlan is a quiet town in Laguna where you can discover the only Underground Cemetery in the country. This is already considered a national historical relic.  The cemetery was supervised by Fr. Vicente Velloc in 1845 as the resting place of the common residents. The underground was said to house only the remains of Spanish friars and other well – known people. During the Philippine Revolution, meetings were held here as well.

4. Pagsanjan Falls


This is known as one of the most famous falls in the country and located in the “Tourist Capital of Laguna”, Pagsanjan. To reach the falls, one would need to row a boat and the ‘bangkeros’ or boatmen will happily serve you as tour guides. If you are up for humid and thrilling adventure, then going to Pagsanjan falls is a perfect.

5. Villa Escudero in San Pablo City

A giant coconut plantation which is located in 3 municipalities and 2 provinces (San Pablo City in Laguna, Tiaong and Dolores in Quezon). If you want to experience and observe a part of the Philippine culture, then a tour to Villa Escudero is recommended. You can ride the local jeepneys to go around, you can also visit museums and can even satisfy yourself by cravings for Filipino food.


Villa Escudero also has the country’s first hydro – electric plant, Labasin Dam. However, in the recent years, most of the property was converted into an exclusive residential estate development.

6. Seven Lakes of San Pablo City


Got San Pablo City, you will have opportunity to enjoy the beauty of 7 Lakes ( Bunot, Kalibato, Yambo and Pandin (also known as twin lakes), Palakpakin, Muhikap and Sampaloc). According to other people, these are actually crater lakes formed after a volcanic eruption.


There are many different activities which you can do in each lake. You can jog around, ride a bike or eat local street food. However, if you want to camp overnight and swim there, Yambo Lake will be a perfect spot which is very popular for that. You can even ask the locals to cook the traditional meals for you. The best part about it is that it’s very affordable. It is recommendation for those who are working on a tight budget.


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