5 Best Things To Do Around Hanoi

Mixture of traditional and modern, Hanoi has become one of the most attractive city in south east asia. It bring the remarkable sign of the East and the West with communist influences and French invasion. There are not many places in the world that would help you experience unique and special form of entertainments but this 1000 year history can offer this. In other words, Hanoi is fabulous and here are the best 5 things to do around Hanoi.

I. Enjoying Local Street Food

Things to do around Hanoi
Hanoi Street Food – Internet Photo

Hanoi is a dreamland for food aholic since it has a long – standing history of many famous delicates. The ingredients in each dish is simple but the balance of sweet, sour, spices and salty in each dish make the dishes become exceptional and unique. Therefore, best things to do is to go on a food tour as Hanoi is one of the best places to do so.

Experience your trip like a local people, first activitie is to start your day with a bowl of Pho. People here eat Pho for breakfast since it is full of nutrient and keep your energy for the whole morning. That is the reason why people say ” your trip to Hanoi can not complete if you do not try Pho”. Then, you can find many things strange but have delicious smell in Old Quater. For example, Spring Roll ( Goi Cuon) made from rice paper, vegetables could be the one you should not miss. But remember it is hard to find a good place so taking a Hanoi Food Tour will be a good choice.

Finally, experience Hanoi foods like a local with Top 5 street food in Hanoi and Best Restaurant in Old Quater

II. Exploring Hanoi Old Quarter

Things to do around Hanoi
Hanoi Old Quater – Internet Photo

Hanoi Old Quarter will be the first and the last touch point with many tourists. So wandering in here will be in the first list of daytime activities for many travellers. Located in Hoan Kiem District, it used to be the residential and commercial center where now become a hotspot among travellers. Each street in Old Quarter was specialized in one specific types of producing and commerce. Though most of the product (cotton, jewellery, herb and silk) have changing over times and now have been replaced for other modern goods and services. This activities still help tourists experience both original specialities as well as Vietnameses old custom.

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III. Taking a Hanoi City Day Tour

Hanoi City Day Tour – Silver Ringee

One of the travelers favorite things to do is to go on Hanoi One Day Tour . Going with local guide allows them to enjoy the whole area of this city in a day and understand deeply about culture of this city. With 1000 year history, travelers can easily find ancient pagodas and temples, colonial architectures within the city center.

Visiting temples and pagodas, you will experience the peaceful and calm feeling influences of Buddhism. Moreover, at the war museum, travellers will learn about long yet tragic history of the war in Vietnam. Going with local tour guide is a must thing for tourists coming to Hanoi. Through the stoty of tour guide you will understand the development and changing of this city over last century and what make it different from any other cities in Asia.

Especially, Hanoi Cooking Class will help you find out where to go on a tour

IV. Experience Walking Street at Weekend

Walking Street – Internet Photo

Hanoi Walking Street officially opened in September, 2017 and since then listed as one of the best ativities for tourists . Walking street operate every weekend in the route surrounding Hoan Kiem Lake – The heart of Hanoi.

This walking street is the most enormous walking area in the capital city, make it become the new hospot for travellers. The aim of opening walking street is to promote and spread Vietnamese culture not only for foreigners but also for local residents. Therefore, this activities help both visitors and locals to relax and enjoy free time after pressure working time.

V. Attending a traditional performances

Traditional Performances – Internet Photo

Understanding about Hanoi culture is one of the activities you should not miss when visiting here. Regarding to culture, there must be long time to complete history, especially Hanoi art play a very important role. Traditional forms of arts such as theatre and dances all exist here with modern facilities such as shopping center and entertainment venue. Traditional performance in here lies in Folk performances such as water puppet, Cheo, Ca Tru, Tuong,…. Although for some tourists they can not understand the language, the music, the sound effect, they can feel the culture, spirit of people in this city.

Going to Duong Lam Village Tour to know more about Vietnam Culture

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