Beautiful Da Nang in my eyes

Beautiful Da Nang in my eyes

Da Nang is always beautiful I’m sure.  Da Nang is not as crowded as Saigon, not as antique as Hanoi but graceful by its own way. 3 years ago when I visited this place, I loved it at the first sight. I was a 17-year-old girl with a mobile phone in my hand traveling with my parents. Arriving at 8PM, I was amazed because of the scenery at night. Colorful lights, friendly people and clean streets. I wished I could capture ecverything because it was stunning. This was the first time I went to Da Nang, even I have been there 2 more times, the first impression is always the most memorable.

The reason why I post this entry is today Facebook reminded me on this day 3 years ago, I had sweet memory with this dream land. I want to share it with you in case you have never been there before, you shoud try once, my friends!

(All photos were taken by my Iphone5S)

Night in Da Nang
“Giant” Sun Wheel – It’s much more bigger than that in Ha Noi, I think!


Fish Latterns
Latterns – The fishes are flying, haha


Da Nang view
Da Nang view from my hotel window


Da Nang view
It dizzled at night, a little bit cold but still great!

Ba Na Hills

Next day, I went to Ba Na Hills. I was quite sad because I couldn’t take more photos. Here are my most favourite ones:

Flowers in Ba Na
Flowers on the way to Ba Na Hills, I really like the colors!


basket boats
Basket boats on the seashore. Beautiful sky and clouds.


oyster in Da Nang
My lunch: Oyster with chesse sauce. Quite cheap and super fresh. I also ate shrimps and octopus but I couldn’t photograph them 🙁


Cu Do Cake
One of Da Nang’s special food. It’s very delicious and you must try it if you like sweet! It’s “Cu Do” cake ( Cu Đơ )

My trip started with eager and ended with joy. Honestly, it’s a missing point in you travel life without visiting this place. Da Nang – Ba Na Hill always open with you!

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