Battambang – 7 reasons to travel

Battambang is often overlooked by many Cambodian tourists, which is understandable because there are no beautiful beaches or capital cities, and Battambang, in particular, does not have majestic Angkor temples. However, in fact, Cambodia’s second largest city is a place of perfect balance between bustling, friendly and tranquil that contains many interesting things to explore.

Ta Dumbong Statue - The symbol of Battambang
Ta Dumbong Statue – The symbol of Battambang
  1. Have great restaurants

The best natural foods of Cambodia are almost always present in Battambang. Besides, with the diversified needs of foreign tourists, it has become a good orientation for the restaurants here. .

Walking around the streets of Battambang, you can easily find cheap local restaurants, quiet cafes, or restaurants specializing in Western dishes.

Pomme D'Amour
Pomme D’Amour

If you are a fan of classic French cuisine, as well as creative dishes combining Cambodian and French cuisine, the Pomme d’Amour or Lotus restaurant is a must for you.

Besides, the Jaan Bai restaurant is a mix of Cambodian, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, as well as a good night’s rest.

  1. Ideal destination for exploring by bike

Biking is the most choice to explore city
Biking is the most choice to explore city

The surrounding countryside of Battambang is the perfect place for a cyclist to explore. The bumpy roads here will lead you through the beautiful villages, or the quiet temples. Sometimes, during that trip you will go through muddy roads, just enough for a car to cross, or between the herds of buffaloes, but beyond all that, the beauty of the green rice paddies, will make you do not want to leave.

You can do this half day or one day with the Soksabike tour, which will take you to visit traditional local villages to learn about rice wine production as well weaving. It will give you a real experience of local life here.

  1. Enjoy Battambang by the kayaking experience

Discovering the floating village on a kayak, is a must try experience when visiting Battambang.


Green Orange Kayaks is a local, non-governmental organization that offers free English classes to the residents, as well as a kayak tour for travelers. Here, you can rent kayaks for a half-day tour starting in the village of Ksach Poy. From the small village on the outskirts of Battambang, you can sail along the Stung Sangke River and return to the city.

The experience of both crowning the paddle on the blue water and admiring the natural beauty of the two riversides will definitely be something that visitors will not forget.

  1. Destinations for those who love history

A trip to Battambang is not considered complete if you do not visit Sampeau Hill, where there is a “Killing cave” that in the past, the Khmer Rouge army used to house the bodies of war victims.

Killing cave at the top of hill
Killing cave at the top of hill

At the top of Sampeau Hill, there is also a quiet temple, where the bones of war victims are housed in glass cages. The people here say that more than ten thousand innocent people were killed in the cave. Visiting Sampeau Hill will be a trip back to the past to feel the damage and loss of war.

  1. Taking part in a local cooking class

If you are interested in or want to learn how to make authentic Cambodian dishes, Battambang is a great place to do it. Smokin ‘Pot Restaurant was the first place to cook the first foreigner meal in Cambodia 14 years ago, and the restaurant is still growing, as well as the favorite cooking school destination of guests.

Cooking some Cambodian dishes, why not?
Cooking some Cambodian dishes, why not?

The cooking class will last for 3 hours and usually begins with a trip to local markets to buy food, and ends with a “unique” lunch. As instructed by the classroom teacher, after learning, the visitors will know how to choose and combine spices, so that your dishes have the most local flavor.

  1. Moving by unique transportation

Cambodian tourists know Battambang thanks for its unique transportation named Norris or Bamboo Train (by foreigners). This is the main means of transportation in Battambang because it is fast and cheap.


With about $ 8 / trip, visitors can pick up the car anywhere. Bamboo trains for foreign tourists in Cambodia are prepared more spacious, more careful than the ships for the “domestic” tourists. Bamboo trains are rolling on the same track, so the two ships are easy to touch, and the passengers in the lighter one will carry train themselves out of the tracks until the other passes then go back.

  1. Many stylish and cheap hotels

Battambang is home to a lot of boutique style hotels, with a very reasonable price. An interesting place to visit is the Bambu Hotel. Situated right in the heart of Battambang, the Bambu Hotel combines the style of Khmer and French.

Bambu Hotel
Bambu Hotel

Rooms at Bambu have private balconies with the view of the pool, with tiled flooring and impressive wooden furnishings. Each of the rooms has interesting travel notes that make it easier for travelers to explore the city. Besides, Battambang also has many dormitory, which are suitable for the economical tourists.

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