Basic knowledge about bar drinks

Basic knowledge about bar drinks


For those who are barflies, you may be so familiar with bar drinks that when hearing of a drink you can immediately know what kind of drink it is. For those, who are new to bar and seem to be overwhelmed with the great collection of drinks here, getting some basic knowledge about bar drinks will help you much with both enjoying the great bar atmosphere and its cool beverage.

bar drinks
Bar drinks

Bar drinks are divided into two main kinds including alcoholic drinks and non-alcoholic drinks (also called mocktails). We’ll soon introduce to you in details in the following.

If your primary purpose for coming to bars is just to enjoy the busy ambience with loud music and to dance the night away, then taking some non-alcoholic drinks can best fit your situation. You can try some soda, coffee, juice, tonic water, ginger ale, fizzy drinks, etc.

bar drinks
Non-alcoholic bar drinks

For those, you come to bars because of the drinks, getting to know the most popular drinks in bar is totally helpful. Alcoholic bar drinks have four types namely liquor, spirits, wine and beer.


            1. Liqueur – Bar drinks:

First, let take a look at liqueur. Liqueur is an alcoholic drink produced by distillation of fruit, grains or vegetables that have already been through alcoholic fermentation. There are four main types of liqueur including citrus, fruit, bean & kernel and mixed & single herbs.

bar drinks

In details, citrus liqueur is made from lemon or orange essential oil. Fruit liqueur is made from fermented fruits like apples, peaches, etc. Bean and kernel liqueur is liquor which is made beans or seeds. Mixed and single herbs as its name is made from herbs.


            2. Spirits (or liquor) – Bar drinks:

Another bar drink that varies widely is spirit (or liquor). Many may misunderstand spirit with liquor but in fact they are the same. Although liquor has a similar spelling with liqueur but they are totally different. Spirit or liquor is an alcoholic drink that contains ethanol, one type of alcohol produced by fermentation of fruits, grains or other sources of sugar. Spirits vary considerably in types.

bar drinks

Normally there are 6 types of spirits. The first one is brandy which is produced by distillation of fruits. The second one is whiskey made from grains. The third one is gin made from grains. The fourth one is vodka made from potatoes, grains or grapes. The fifth one is rum made from sugarcane. The last one is tequila made from blue agave plant.


           3. Wine – Bar drinks:

Next up, let’s learn about wine. Wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented grapes. Different varieties of grapes and strains of yeasts give out different styles of wine. There are four main types of wine including natural, sparkling, portified and aromatized. Different types of wine match with different serving type.

bar drinks

For your information, natural wine has two main sub-types: red wine, white wine or pink wine. Red wine is served from 15 – 20 Celsius degrees in red-wine glasses. White and pink wine is kept in 8 – 12 Celsius degrees and served with white-wine glasses. Sparkling wine should be kept in 5 – 10 Celsius degrees and served with Champagne flute or Champagne saucer glasses. Portified wine is served without ice in Port or Sherry glasses. Aromatized wine is served with a slice of lemon with or without ice in rock glasses.


           4. Beer – Bar drinks:

Last but not least, other popular alcoholic bar drink now calls beer. Beer is made from cereal grains – the most common ones include wheat, maize, rice or malted barley. There are two main types of beer. One is top fermented beer and the other is bottom fermented beer. You may be very familiar with this beverage right? Now let share with us, how many bottles of beer you can take?

bar drinks

Now that we have shared with you the very basic information about the most popular bar drinks. In the last part of this article, we would like to help you differentiate some familiar names you may encounter a lot when hearing about bar drinks.

Cocktail refers to any generic alcoholic mixed drink which uses spirits as base drink then mixes with other ingredients like lemonade, fruit juice or cream.

bar drinks
Margarita cocktail

Liquor and Liqueur: these two types of alcoholic brews have quite similar spelling, thus many may misunderstand these two. Liquor can be used interchangeably for spirits while liqueur (as explained in the previous part) is an alcoholic beverage made from a distilled spirit flavored with either fruit, cream, herbs, flowers or nuts and normally sweet.

Cognac and Armagnac are the most well-known French brandy types and they are also the names of two famous regions in France which produce these two tasty brews.

bar drinks

V.S, V.S.O.P, A.C, X.O are some popular terms to talk about the age of whiskey. A.C. means whiskey is two years old. V.S or Very Special means the whiskey has three years of age in wooden casks. V.O. or Very Old tells that the whiskey has been at least four years in wooden casks. V.S.O.P or Very Special Old Pale means that the whiskey has been in the wooden casks for eight years. X.O or Extra Old means the whiskey has 10 years of age.

bar drinks
Whiskey on the rocks

On-the-rock style: This is one of the popular styles of drinking whiskey or cognac. Simply, it means enjoying these drinks with some ice cubes served in sagaform rocking whiskey glasses.

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