Bac Ha Market Experience 2019

Besides the famous destinations in Sapa with many amazing tours such as Ham Rong Mountain, Fansipan,… visitors to Lao Cai – Sapa tourism also have many interesting experiences await you. One of the attractive features is Bac Ha Market. Bac Ha Market Experience will give you interesting and unforgetable time in Sapa.

1. Where is Bac Ha market?

Sapa is a famous town with many special markets; Among them, the most attractive market is probably the famous Bac Ha market. Let’s listen to Share experiences to go to Bac Ha market to learn more about this famous and traditional market. Bac Ha traditional market has long become a famous Sapa tourist destination, regardless of whether visitors come to Lao Cai to visit.
According to Bac Ha market experience, Bac Ha market is located exactly in Bac Ha town, Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. This market is about 65km from Lao Cai city center. Visitors who want to go to Bac Ha market can travel by many means such as cars, motorbikes or buses… then back to Sapa in 1 day. To stay in Sapa with small budget, you can stay at one of the most attractive homestays in Sapa.

Bac Ha market - destination in Sapa
Bac Ha market – destination in Sapa

2. Road to Bac Ha market

Although it is a tourist destination of Sapa, but in fact Bac Ha town is quite far from Lao Cai, if you take a bus from Lao Cai center, visitors need to take about 2 1/2 hours to reach this market.

Bac Ha market - destination in Sapa
Bac Ha market – destination in Sapa

If traveling by car or motorbike, take the route from Sapa to Bac Ha that tourists need to travel as follows: From Sapa town, visitors pass through Coc Leu bridge, then run straight along Highway 70 about 70 km. Arrive at Bac Ngam crossroad, visitors turn left to go to Bac Ha. There will be very specific signposts here.

The total distance from Sapa to Bac Ha (by motorbike or car) is about 135km, about 4 hours to arrive. Especially, if coming to Bac Ha market on Tet holiday, it will be more crowded and bustling. The road to Bac Ha market is quite easy and safe, so visitors will not be too tired when they arrive.

2. What to do in this market?

Bac Ha market has so far been no longer on pristine red soil but reinforced, rebuilt on solid concrete foundation. However, the whole market still retains the traits of upland ethnic groups. Every conversation in this market is very brief but no less friendly. In particular, there is no rowing of guests here which is uncomfortable for visitors. Therefore, Bac Ha market always makes many tourists feel comfortable when coming here.

It’s also considered as one of 10 most unique market in Vietnam.

Friendliess in Bac Ha market
Friendliess in Bac Ha market

Bac Ha market session is opened not only for trading but most people come here to have fun and make friends all over the world. Inbound and outbound tourists coming to Sapa on tour when being introduced to Bac Ha market to visit, everyone has good feedback at this market.

According to a lot of experiences going to Bac Ha market, visitors to this place will often easily choose the item they want to buy. In Bac Ha market, there are individual markets with many different items such as food market, brocade market, food market, bird market, horse market, poultry market, casting market …

Fresh vegatables in Bac Ha market
Fresh vegatables in Bac Ha market

Bac Ha Market is no doubt the biggest market in the Northwest. Nearly everything visitors want to buy is available for sale in this market, from clothes to poultry, livestock, daily supplies, food, food, farm tools …

Not only diverse in goods, Bac Ha market is also a place to gather the essence and identity of many ethnic groups, the place of dating and confidences of many couples after a hard working week. To Bac Ha market, visitors do not forget to buy yourself specialties of the Northwest highlands to bring them as gifts. Popular specialties here are fruits, wine, ethnic jewelry, brocade dresses or seedlings…

Souvenirs in Bac Ha - Sapa
Souvenirs in Bac Ha – Sapa
Green beans in Bac Ha market

Especially, for female tourists, the selling area of ​​jewelry and rattan should not be ignored. Brocade products are sold here not only with the ethnicity of the Hmong, Red Dao… but also with high artistic value.
Beside the brocade market, the buffalo market is also a bustling market of Bac Ha whenever the market is held. Every Sunday, there are all kinds of buffaloes like white buffalo, black buffalo, large buffalo, small buffalo … This market attracts curious visitors to look over.

Buffalo in Bac Ha market
Buffalo in Bac Ha market

Another famous market is the horse market. Bac Ha market is also the only fair in the country to sell its own horses in 1 area. Good, healthy horses are brought here. Visitors who want to buy horses can bargain to buy the most satisfactory horse.
In addition to some everyday items, in Bac Ha market experience, poultry, cattle, Bac Ha market is also famous for tourists because of its rich cuisine.

Five-colored sticky rice in Bac Ha market
Five-colored sticky rice in Bac Ha market

Bac Ha Market is organized by many ethnic groups, so the food market is extremely rich and diverse. In particular, the most famous special dish to mention is Thang Co.

You can enjoy many other exotic dishes in Sapa.

Thang Co in Bac Ha market

Although this dish is currently sold in many restaurants in Sapa but only in Bac Ha, this dish is the most traditional and most appropriate. Sapa tourism that has not tried Thang Co, it seems to not understand all the unique features of Sapa cuisine. It can be said that not only ethnic groups in Sapa but also Bac Ha market is highlights of Sapa.

To visit Bac Ha market, you can combine with Sapa tour 2 days 1 night.

We hope this article helps you to know more about Bac Ha market experience!


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