Autumn in Hanoi – A hidden art never known

There have been countless songs praising Hanoi for its romantic, poetic quality when it comes to autumn. Besides the ancient beauty, the city in the milk flower season has a lot of interesting things for visitors to explore. Hanoi does not have a lot of flowers in the fall, the sky is always a gray color. Only the meals have a deep blue color but if you are wondering, the best time is autumn in Hanoi.

1. Autumn in Hanoi for the most pleasant time.

Autumn in Hanoi
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Hanoi’s weather has 4 distinct seasons but autumn is the best time to travel. Spring is often wet with drizzle rains. Winter is cold, and when summer comes, it is hot and hot. Meanwhile, these days, Hanoi is moderately chilly. You can walk in the breeze along the West Lake, Sword Lake or wander the sidewalk, Phan Dinh Phung.

The first time I went to Dalat. I asked the taxi driver what to play, what specialties to buy in this flower city. The young driver replied, “Dalat’s specialty is the atmosphere”. Also, Hanoi on this occasion possessing an invaluable asset is a beautiful weather.

However, because the weather is a bit chilly. If you go to Hanoi on this occasion, you should wear a long-sleeved shirt or bring a light jacket to avoid catching a cold.

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2. Best time to take beautiful photos.

Autumn in Hanoi is also the occasion for couples to take photos to prepare for the oncoming wedding season. Although the fall is not as colorful as the spring. But the weather is cool and the sun is not harsh. Therefore, instead of just taking pictures in the early morning. They can take pictures throughout all day without getting tired.

3. Season of Milk Flower.

Autumn in Hanoi
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The last days of autumn and early winter are the occasions when Hanoi is passionate in the scent of milk flowers. Going along Ba Trieu, Quang Trung, Nguyen Tri Phuong, Quan Thanh and Tran Dai Nghia streets in the evening. You will feel the milky flower season has returned. However, in recent years, due to the love of this flower. There are many places have grown whole streets of two rows of milk flowers. Be careful not to get lost in these roads or you will be suffocated by the strong floral fragrance.

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4. Glowing Freshwater Mangrove by the Sword Lake of autumn in Hanoi.

Autumn in Hanoi
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Freshwater Mangrove trees on the banks of the Lake are treasures of the capital. Each transformation of the tree attracts a lot of attention from photographers and people alike. If at the end of winter, they change bright yellow leaves. In late autumn, the trees bloom like red curtains on the water.

5. Season of ripe dracontomelon and green rice.

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Among the typical gifts of Hanoi, ripe dracontomelon and Green rice are the most popular. Looking at the ripe dracontomelon accompanied with bags of salt and chili. Surely, you could not hold back. Walking along the streets of Hanoi, you also come across peddles of tamarind leaf nuggets, thin, green nuggets. Green rice is wrapped in taro leaves, lotus leaves and tied with straw to prevent drying. They are the best gifts for your friends for autumn in Hanoi.

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