Admire the breathtaking rice harvest season Vietnam

You have heard of cherry blossom season in Japan, tulip season in the Netherlands, sunflower season in Russia or peony season in China. These flower seasons represent for a symbolic flora species of the country. They have their own attractiveness and become famous worldwide that attracts the attention of many tourists. Talking about a tropical country with the wet rice civilization like Vietnam, one of the most expecting and breathtaking scenery of the year is the rice harvest season Vietnam. If you love taking photos and wish to create your own album with plenty of Instagrammable pictures, follow us to discover 6 beautiful destinations in the northwest region of Vietnam. These stunning views there are totally worth your time.

September and October become the most favorable time for catching a lot of striking pictures of rice harvest season Vietnam. It means it is now the high time for us to take our own camera and depart for the northwest region. Ready to set off?

1. Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang:

Known as the first place to receive the sunlight in Vietnam, rice field terraces in Hoang Su Phi is considered one of the most beautiful rice terraces in the country. In mid-September, terraced fields here are in the harvest season, promising a bumper season that lasts the whole month. The golden color of the fields intertwined with the grandeur of the mountains creates such picturesque scenery in Hoang Su Phi.

Hoang Su Phi rice terraces - rice harvest season vietnam
Hoang Su Phi rice terraces – Photo from Internet

The scent of rice and the fragrance of the northwest mountains brings a unique beauty that can excite visitors when they first arrive here. Viewed from above, the terraces are like a ribbon fluttering in the wind, extending to the horizon.

2. Rice fields in Bac Son, Lang Son:

Bac Son rice fields in Bac Son Valley belonging to Lang Son Province, about 160km from Hanoi Capital is one of the most beautiful rice fields in Vietnam which shouldn’t be missed during the golden rice season. Admiring these golden rice fields, you will feel very excited and full of joy. The ripe rice season in Bac Son falls around the end of July and mid-November of the lunar calendar.

Bac Son rice field - rice harvest season vietnam
Bac Son rice field – Photo from thuexeotongocminh

Rice in Bac Son is not sown at the same time, so people often harvest rice quickly and at different time. That’s why you can see the scene of ripe rice fields on one side and lush green rice fields on the other side. Such an interesting view!

3. Sapa, Lao Cai – rice harvest season Vietnam:

Riding away from the town center, visitors will come to the fields nestling in the majestic mountains. Muong Hoa Valley, Cat Cat Village, Thanh Kim, Thanh Phu, Ta Van, Lao Chai, Ta Phin are top suggested places to admire the charming view of Sapa harvest season. Transportation to Sapa is currently quite easy. From Hanoi, you can take a bus or a train, which takes about 5-8 hours. When arriving in Sapa, you should rent a motorbike to start the journey.

sapa rice field terraces - rice harvest season vietnam

For your convenient, you can refer to this Sapa tour from Hanoi. For those who want to spend more time in the town, a Sapa tour 3 days 2 nights will fit your need.

4. Y Ty, Lao Cai:

Mentioning about breathtaking rice field terraces in Lao Cai, we can’t miss out the name Y Ty. This place is about 70 km from Sapa. A reward is waiting for you. It is the amazing view of Ha Nhi people’s terraced fields. Not only the wild and majestic scenery, Y Ty also keeps visitors with the rustic and friendly life of ethnic people here.

Y Ty rice field - rice harvest season vietnam
Y Ty rice field – Photo from hachi8

5. Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai – rice harvest season Vietnam:

In late September and early October, people from all over the country flock to Mu Cang Chai to admire the beautiful scenery of the highland. This is a place to admire the beautiful golden rice fields in the northwest part of Vietnam.

Rice field terraces in Mu Cang Chai – Photo from dautukhachsan

The majestic beauty of terraced fields at the time of ripe rice brings a great spectacle. After crossing Khau Pha Pass – known as one of the four great passes of the North Vietnam, visitors have the ample opportunity to immerse into the scenic view of rice field terraces here. Remember to charge your camera fully.

6. Tam Coc, Ninh Binh:

Tam Coc (Ninh Binh) is located in the famous Trang An Complex. With a system of caves, limestone mountains, beautiful wet rice fields, this place is like a miniature of Ha Long Bay and a true eco-tourism area in the northern countryside.

Coming to Tam Coc in the ripe rice season, you will feel relaxed when looking through the green rice fields mixed with ripe yellow rice. You can wallow into the nature of a tranquil countryside. All will bring you peaceful moments when enjoying the rice harvest season Vietnam.

Tam Coc rice fields
Tam Coc rice fields – Photo from nguyenthanhluy

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