8 reasons make my great impressions of Hoi An Ancient Town (part 2)

A part of Hoi An Ancient Town‘s beauties has been revealed since the last time. It’s not all you can enjoy in Hoi An. The endless highlights are not able to keep you indoor. Let’s continue to discover the charms here. Find out the reasons how impressive it is to me. Read part 1.

  1. The Ancient town of Hospitable people


Hoian people seem gentle and kind. They greeted me with a very pleasant attitude. You will be guided enthusiastically when need help. Service here is also quite good so it’s not difficult to buy food or drink. Here there is a market located on Nguyen Thai Hoc street sell a lot of things such as fruits, fresh food, dry food, specialities… You should haggle for the best price, they will kindly greet you even when you don’t buy anything.

  1. Admirable nightlife

hoian Ancient town -nightFrom the Japanese Bridge, walk along the riverside about 100m, cross the main bridge, you will go to the side of a bustling night market with many fashion accessories or home decoration lovely. It also is home to many street vendors of street food. People like to this area each night to buy something for their family or friends at a cheap price (after bargain)

On the other hand, if you want to have one peaceful evening, take a walk along the street on the other side of bridge and drop in the flood-lit store. Then, stop at a scenic night cafe. Of course, prices here are much more expensive.

  1. Beautiful Society’s premises and chapel

phuc-kien-templeOnce was the home of many traders, especially traders in Japan and China, Hoi An has many  and chapels, where the memory of those who have known in the trade and the oldest families in the old quarter. Society’s premises are all in old bold architecture the Chinese people with decoration of dragons on the roofs. Some of them mentioned as Society’s premise Guangdong (176 Tran Phu), Duong Thuong (64 Tran Phu), Fujian (46 Tran Phu), … About chapel, they were built to worship ancestor of the reputable clan in Hoi An such as Chapel Tran,… Buy a ticket to visit and view on their beauties.

  1. Stores and showrooms

xu-dang-trong-showroomWalking along the streets, you will come across many shops and galleries of clothing, any accessories such as shoes, handbags … The stores on Hoi Ancient town’s streets are close together with the same kind of signs, which creates a space synchronised and exquisite.

A showroom I recommend you to look at is the Inner Parish (Xu Dang Trong) at 09 Nguyen Thai Hoc str. It features performances of musical arts Vietnam. Artists will perform in about 20 minutes, including a minigame with a lucky card. Then you go inward. There is a courtyard in the middle to be able to drink something before you go inward gazing at handicraft products simple but nice. They are very beautifully furnished on a base, including pottery, accessories, clothing, … Do not forget there is the 2nd-floor upstairs. Let’s pick something to buy for a souvenir.

Note: You must have a ticket to visit this showroom.


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