5 Street Foods Cost Less Than 1 Dollar In Nha Trang

5 Street Foods Cost Less Than 1 Dollar In Nha Trang

“Căn” cake, “bèo” cake or jack fruit sweet soup are delicious street food that attract a lot of visitors who travel in the Nha Trang coastal city, is priced at less than 20,000.

Căn cake:

5 Street Foods Cost Less Than 1 Dollar In Nha Trang

Căn cake is made from rice flour, with egg, squid, shrimp,…inside and cooked in earthenware oven. Served with a bowl of fish sauce mixed with fried onions and chopped mango. Whether morning or afternoon, the căn cake shop is always crowded with tourists and locals. You can enjoy it at the stalls on Hoang Van Thu street if you eat in the morning, or Thap ba, Nguyen Trai, Thanh Hien Street in the afternoon with the very affordable price from $0.7 – $1 dong per person depend on your order.

Sweet “bèo” cake:

5 Street Foods Cost Less Than 1 Dollar In Nha Trang

Sweet “bèo” cake served with coconut cost only $0.5 for a cake, only sell until 17 pm in Phan Chu Trinh street pavement.

Grilled cheese eggs:


This is fairly new but it is the nosh attract tourists in Nha Trang, is contained in a small bowl, set on braziers, after buttering inside they put in the chicken eggs or quail eggs in, add in fried onion, sausage, cheese, meat floss. This dish is sold in sidewalk Cao Ba Quat Street, for only $ 0.3 – $0.5.

It’s quite cheap, right? But trust me, all of them are tasty. Food in Vietnam is delicious, not only in Nha Trang but also Halong bay. Do you want to try some of them in our Halong bay tour from Hanoi?

“Đác” jackfruit sweet soup:


“Đác” are grown a lot in Nha Trang, its shaped rather like young coconut. “Đác” jackfruit sweet soup include “đác” seeds, fresh torn jackfruit, sliced pineapple, coconut milk. It is served on a bowl for about $0.5 sold in the dessert stall on Bach Dang Street, Quang Trung, To Thanh Hien.

Fried Rice Paper:

Also known as “Dalat pizza” this dish includes eggs, cheese, dried beef, set on rice paper, toasted brittlely.Ban can enjoy it at intersection of Mac Dinh Chi and Huynh Thuc Khang 19/5, Tran Binh Trong … the price for a dish is only $0.5.

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