5 Market For Local Foods In Da Nang

5 Market For Local Foods In Da Nang

Con market is famous for afternoon nosh, Nguyen Tri Phuong market has various breakfast, attracting the crowd of visitors, or Hoa Khanh night market with the budget price … become the best attractions in Da Nang Nearby.

Depending on your schedule, you can choose the nearest market, giving you the most convenient way explore the city’s cuisine on the Han River’s side.

Con Market

5 Market For Local Foods In Da Nang

Cồn Market is located on the Ông Ích Khiêm street is considered as paradise of junk food, with diverse stalls, from the breakfast, lunch, and the best is afternoon nosh Bánh bèo, pork roll, Quảng noodle, plenty kind of snails, sweet soup… attract a lot of visitors with only 10.000 VND ( $0.5). You can choose street hawkers, street stalls or restaurants, depending on your interests and needs

In addition to food, the specialties which can be bought as gifts, are also sold many kinds of fish such as squid rim tamarind, fried beef, bamboo …

Hàn Market


Travellers, coming to the Han Market usually buy silks to make Ao Dai, shoes, souvenirs, but also be attracted by delicious food sold in the stalls. The favourites dished at Han market is Banh Canh cooked with beef, nem lui, ginseng sweet tea. The market is also famous with fresh seafood, fruits and specialities of Centracl Vietnam are set up as the high tower on the stalls such as Mè Xửng Huế, Hoi An Green Bean cake, malt…


Nguyễn Tri Phương Market


Market area at Hai Chau district is always crowded with guest in the morning because of delicious desserts. You easily caught the noodle shop, vermicelli, Quang noodles, pork noodles, beef, fish ball noodles, open from morning and finish at 9 am. Especially, the chicken noodle shop, which’s dish is only VND 15,000. Many locals and tourists propagate about the delicious, the gather so crowdly to have a bow of noodle, even have to sit at another restaurant to eat.


Dong Da Market


Selling diverse items, Đong Đa market is most mentioned due to the plenty kind of seafood, snail nearby the beach. Travelers, coming here hardly miss the tasty plate of fried snail and jackfruit salad. Each dish is only $0.5 – 1


Hòa Khánh Night Market


Stalls selling from late afternoon until midnight nearbu Hoa Khanh main market, have been opened for 10 years, at first it mainly serve student who living at that areas. The popular foods here are noshes such as fried foods on stick, dried beef salad, smooth drinks … with affordable price.



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