5 delicious Pho restaurants of Hanoi

Pho is a famous dish not only in Hanoi but also around the world. Getting to Hanoi, it is not completed if not try a delicious bowl of pho. Here are 5 delicious noodle restaurants for your tasty meal.

  1. Chicken noddle Yen Ninh – expensive but still crowded:

Delicious chicken Pho
Delicious chicken Pho

Although not a decade senior to contribute to the culinary culture of Ha Thanh, chicken noodle soup Yen Ninh is still on the list of famous Pho. The price is really high – 60,000 VND / bowl of chicken noodle white meat ordinary and 100,000-150,000 VND / bowl more special pho with thighs meat, wings, eggs, heart, etc.

The restaurant is quite small. Peak hours are still crowded guests sitting outside the sidewalk and the space is not invested beautifully … In short, it is not equal to the price but the quality is generally good. Especially, the staffs here are very polite, which is the outstanding point of restaurant.

  1. Carried Pho Hang Trong – “carried noddle, humpback”

Do you want to try enjoy noddle without table?
Do you want to try enjoy noddle without table?

Located right at 1 Hang Trong, this pho restaurant only open from about 16h until 20h-20h30 pm is out of stock. Many people know it through the famous nickname: “phở bưng”- guests have to carry bowl of noddle with hands to eat.

Come here, do not expect a high table or chair to put bowl of noddles up, with a spoon top with chopsticks to enjoy. Despite hot noodles, guests still have to carry with hands. One hand lined paper bowl, one hand held chopsticks, no need spoon. That is exactly the style of “phở bưng” of Hanoi, but still strangely delicious.

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Many people say that eating noodles is difficult, but worth it. The noodles broth is pure but still rich with beef cooked thin and soft added more onions to make the bowl of noddle as aromatic flavor.

Besides, next to the restaurant, there is ice tea shop selling extremely delicious: gold, crushed doughnut. This type of cake eaten with “phở bưng” is the number 1. The advantages that would make the Hanoi people forget about the hardship and hunchback.

  1. Pho Bat Dan – famous lingerie noddle

Guests line up in front of restaurant
Guests line up in front of restaurant

With more than half a century of age, traditional heirloom salads at 49 Bat Dan is considered one of the must-visit restaurants when visiting the capital.

Seniority is just one part of the reason, what makes the restaurant brand is the image of eating noddles line up as a subsidy takes place every day as a unique culinary culture interesting.

Here at peak time there is no waiter serving the place. Who in turn is called, pay and receive the “reward” is a bowl of traditional beef noodles with clear water, aromatic, fresh beef soft pink.

In fact, in Hanoi, finding such flavor is not too rare, but the “fortune” lined up for many years, it is sure to be only Bat Nha noodle.

  1. Pho rolls Hung Ben – noodle shop arouse a street

One of the longest-standing noddle restaurants in Hanoi
One of the longest-standing noddle restaurants in Hanoi

Now mention pho rolls, the Hanoi people immediately think of Ngu Xa – winding little street, hidden behind the Truc Bach Lake. Here, the shops, eateries grow up close, at noon with the afternoon crowd always crowded.

Looking at the atmosphere of eating and drinking in this place, few people know that more than ten years ago, Ngu Xa village was quiet, peaceful, and only thanks to the noodle rolls of a sidewalk with a simple name – Hung Ben that is molten.

At that time, the small noodle shop Hung Ben is located at Nguyen Khac Hieu crossroads with Ngu Xa. A couple of years later, the pub opened wider, and the neighborhood also began to grow into competitive restaurants. Time after time, Ngu Xa is really a food street with the main dish is noddle rolls – fried noddle. Of course, this time, Hung Ben has also had a long development.

  1. Pho Thin Lo Duc – The longest fattest noddle shop

The fat broth of Pho Thin
The fat broth of Pho Thin

With age of more than 30 years, Pho Thin affirmed the name of the only dish – beef noodles recreated. If most traditional noodle restaurants try to make noodles with clear but still rich broth, then the restaurant goes in a completely different way.

The broth is really fat by combining the fried beef, sweet and fragrant ginger and garlic. This way of course makes pho more fast so less shop “adventure” to follow, only Pho Thin year still confident in their own secret to addiction to guests.

Of course, not everyone enjoys this “fat” soup, but in fact, the longevity and the large number of visitors each day is enough to prove the quality and quality of this most famous noddle in Hanoi.

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