Hanoi Street Food Tour: 3 “must-try” Ice creams (P1)

Hanoi Old Quarter is full of people and Hanoi Street Food Tour is full of specialties.

When visitting Hanoi, have you ever wondered “What to eat in Hanoi Old Quarter”, “What are signatures of Hanoi desserts” or “What should be in the Hanoi Street Food Tour”? Our series about the most famouse dishes/ desserts to give you the best suggestion to eat and enjoy Hanoi Food. As a Hanoian, I want to introduce you best things in my city.

Yesterday, I want to Sword Lake Walking Street and now, let’s follow my article in this blog and I will introduce you top 3 “must-try” ICE-CREAM in Hanoi Old Quarter areas.

1. Thuy Ta Ice-cream

“If you’re around Hoan Kiem Lake, come to Thuy Ta Ice cream…”

The ice-cream booth is right by Sword Lake and often crowded with both Vietnamese and foreigners to by cool ice-cream ( even in winter ). Thuy Ta Ice cream was founded in 1954 and now have become one of the most famous dessert local brand in Hanoi. They sell ice cream and popcicles in a small and simple booth with 2 – 3 woman staffs. People usually buy and enjoy ice cream on the sidewalk ( though they have a coffee shop nearby ). Hanoi street food is various but you would be regretful if missing this delicous taste. They have many kinds of ice creams as the menu below:

Hanoi Street Food Tour
Thuy Ta Ice cream menu

But the most “picked-up” choice is definitely: Lemon Mint popcicles. It’s cheap ( ~9.000VND ). It’s not too big or too small. And the most important things are: It’s delicious and unique. Vanilla, chocolate or coconut is very popular but when taliking about Lemon Mint popcicles, 99% of Hanoians think about a famous ice cream of Thuy Ta.

Hanoi Street Food Tour
Thuy Ta Ice-cream

2. Trang Tien Ice cream

Wow, I can make sure that no one living in Hanoi or visiting Hanoi never tries eating this ice cream. Trang Tien Ice cream was founded in 1958 and now located in 35 Trang Tien Street. Trang Tien ice cream is famous for its special and attractive flavour. Visitors having an opportunity to visit Hanoi and enjoying Trang Tien ice cream will never forget the distinctive feature of Hanoi’s culinary culture of standing and eating ice-cream. Nowadays, they also have small ice cream shop next to the booth but rarely do visitors sit to eat. They have habit of buying then stand to enjoy immediatele. Some of them take away to walk around the Walking Street. If you have chance to ask Hanoian: “What to eat in the Old Quarter?”, I think their first answer is “Trang Tien Ice cream”.

They have some main flavours such as: cacao, coconut, green bean,…

TrangTien Icecream

But people most fond of Vanilla and Chocolate Ice cream cones. That’s why they had a specialized area to sell only 2 of them. Maybe Chocolate flavour is preferred because yesterday I went to buy, they sold out! 3 years ago, when I was a student, I worked as a part time tour guide. In my every Hanoi Street Food Tour, I always let my foreigners friend enjoy this like a Hanoi Food Tour. Moset of them told me: “I feel the ice cream melting in my mouth!”

Trang Tien Ice-cream
Trang Tien Ice-cream

4. Trang Tien Bodega Ice cream

Trang Tien ice cream is almost a “specialty” of the capital that everyone wants to try here at least once. Meanwhile, Bodega ice cream at 57 Trang is another interesting thing of Hanoi, especially a Hanoi One Day Tour. Many young people living around the lake remember this ice cream attached to the word “Bodega”, but grow up, asking everywhere no one knows what “Bodega ice cream” is. Until the ice cream found in a small shop, everyone is satisfied when realized – over 30 years the taste here has not changed. And surprisingly, this hot ice cream shop has a lot of cool secrets that you’ll surely love to hear, as it existed nearly four decades ago. It’s tied to the Bodega Hotel’s name right next to it, the owner’s ice cream shop opened, so it’s called Bodega Cashew Cream. In Spanish, “Bodega” means “wine shop”.

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What is the reason for the little shop to have that strange charm? The answer lies in the inside of this amazingly delicious cinnamon sticks. All those who come to eat ice cream here are impressed by its unforgettable taste, which has been around for more than 30 years and has made the name of the store.

Bodega cream also has the same composition as other creams, but the amount of milk in the ice cream here is more dense, the sweetness soaked in the tongue that can satisfy everyone.

Hanoi Street Food Tour
Bodega Ice-cream

It’s difficult to list every dish and dessert that you should try once when visiting Hanoi or join ina Hanoi Street Food Tour, but I hope that my article gives you some basic and helpful information for you. Next time I will introduce other favourite things in my city! See you soon!

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