12 things you should not miss when traveling Bali

12 things you should not miss when traveling Bali

Snorkeling, experience the local cuisine or explore the stunning tropical beaches are the things you should not be overlooked when to Bali.

12 things you should not miss when traveling Bali

Visit terraces: The terraced fields stretching over many hills forming beautiful landscapes. From Ubud, you can rent a car to go to the central area of Bali, where people cultivated on the terraced fields. Located away from tourist attractions, visitors can fully enjoy the peaceful beauty with impressive agricultural landscape of the dreaming island.

12 things you should not miss when traveling Bali

Enjoy a traditional dance: Drama and dance are the distinctive features of the local culture of the people of Bali. If lucky, you may catch the traditional dance during the festival days; or you can go to see at the theater for tourists. The most famous dances of the people of Bali are dance Barong & Kris and Kecak.


Snorkeling: Bali is paradise of cruises and tourists certainly should not ignore the sport diving. Out in the blue water with coral reefs and tropical fish, you have the opportunity to explore ancient ship sank beneath the sea Tulamben from the Second World War.

12 things you should not miss when traveling Bali

Visiting the temple: Dubbed as the land of 1,000 temples, Bali actually has over 20,000 temples around the island. The most famous of which is Pura Beskih at Mount Agung. Also, you should visit Pura Tanah Lot temple is situated on the coast with a brilliant scene in the sunset.


Relax at the Resort: If you want to stay away from crowds at Kuta, visit the southern Nusa Dua area of Bali. You can find luxury hotels, shopping centers and first-class facilities. Certainly, Nusa Dua is an ideal place to enjoy  the beauty and peace of Bali.


Fortunetelling: An special experience for travelers in Bali is it’s fortunetelling. Questions about life or simply a curiosity about the future can be answered here. However, this activity is primarily entertaining and you should not be serious if there is bad word.


Strolling on the beach of Kuta:  Kuta is one of the first tourist attractions in Bali. If you’re a fan of the parties on the beach, this is the ideal place for you because there are many shops, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. The area became more crowded on the weekends and the peak months.


Become a princess Bali: With hundreds of traditional costumes, you can become a princess Bali in an hour. Put on her bright outfit with makeup with Balinese style, you are ready for the exciting photoshoot.


Discover the islands around: Besides the beautiful island of Bali, visitors can choose to visit other islands off the coast of southern such as Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida. This is the ideal place for you to enjoy a peaceful setting and the blue water of the tropical seas.


Walk to the top of the volcano: Batur is an active volcano which from the top, you can watch the beautiful natural scenery and the lake Batur – the lake was formed from a large crater best on the island. If you are a professional mountaineering, trekking to the top before dawn and early morning to get panoramic view of the island is what should not be overlooked.


Enjoy local dishes: Balinese cuisine as well as a haven for tourists with many famous local dishes such as Babi Guling- roasted suckling pig, black sticky rice and coconut palm syrup.


Weasel coffee experience: Kopi Luwak – renowned coffee dishes on the island of Bali is made from the waste of mink. After harvesting, the beans after collecting from weasel’s dung, bartenders will wash and crush. The taste of coffee is unique and definitely that just listen to the name, travelers have seen curious and want to experiment.

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