Top things to do in Thailand

Top things to do in Thailandthings to do in Thailand

Most of tourist said that they never wanted to leave Krabi which is the most tranquil part to be in all of Thailand. It is famous for the most stunning scenery imaginable, beautiful white beaches that stretch on for miles, a jungle and over 200 islands just of the coast. Krabi covers quite a large area so a lot of the attractions require a fair bit of traveling but when everywhere you look is beautiful it is no hardship at all. Futher, the tourism here are developing with many activities that help visitor to entertain and relax as good as possible.

The best time to visit is between November and April as the weather in the South of Thailand can be unpredictable but with many places now opening all year you will always find something to do.

The airport in Krabi is offering more routes and more frequent flights than ever before so come and explore this Island!

Chill Out On Koh Lanta


Koh Lanta Yai is an island about two hours away from Krabi Town, it is a small island that stretches about twenty kilometers from end to end. The island is inhabited and home too many guest houses and resorts. The island itself has various beautiful beaches that are often quiet but look absolutely stunning. If you want to relax for a few days this is the place to get away and do it. The prices on the island are still quite low as tourism has not reached the levels of the Phi Phi islands yet. Koh Lanta is home to many diving schools all certified and ready to take you out to see the beautiful marine life and coral the waters have to offer. A bridge is currently being built that will link the island to Koh Lanta Noi giving you even more places to explore.

Step Back In Time At Krabi Town


Krabi Town

Unlike many places that you visit on holiday Krabi Town is different, it still receives many tourists but it has not changed itself to pamper to the tourists needs. It has still managed to retain its ‘local’ feel. The river running though the town is always full of fishing boats bringing in their days catches ready for the restaurant tables. The town has a genuine feel to it with its local bars and eating spots to it is worth visiting for that authentic taste of Thailand.

Geological Wonder At Susan Hoi


Dating back to sometime between 25 and 40 million years and sitting on a 200 meters long stretch is a fossilized shell fish cemetery, Limestone deposits in the surrounding water covered the shell fish and fossilized them, it is one of only three cemetery’s like this discovered in the world today. If you like geology then this has to be visited whilst you are in Krabi. There is also a Chinese temple which you can visit as well as mangrove forests in the area.

Go On A Four Island Tour


One of the most popular tours that visitors to Krabi go on is the Four Island Tour, It takes you on a tour of four different islands, and they are usually Tup Island, Phra Nang Cave, Chicken Island and Poda Island. The tour is on a long boat and will stop at each location giving you time to swim, sunbathe, explore and stop for lunch. The boats usually house up to about forty people and a tour guide will stand at the front pointing everything out in English whilst making sure everyone has enough water for the trip.

Party At Ao Nang Beach


Ao Nang Beach is not the prettiest beach in the area and if you are after white sand and a tranquil setting you are better off at Railay Beach, but if you are looking for some nightlife and a lively atmosphere this is a good place to start. There are many bars and restaurants in the area selling plenty of varieties of cocktails as well as all the food types you would expect in a tourist hotspot. It is also a great place to book your tours from as there are a lot of operators in the area fighting for business keeping the prices slightly lower than some areas

Take An Elephant Ride


Before tourists ever thought of coming to Krabi, the region used to be an elephant camp. Wild elephants would be caught here and sent to Bangkok or the east coast to work. At Krabi Elephant camp you get to meet the elephants and go for a trek along the rain-forest trail. The ride will last about forty minutes and you will get to see a lot of beautiful scenery as well as some exotic wildlife in the rain-forest. When the trek has finished you will stop and get an opportunity to feed the elephants personally, the elephants will happily take the food gently out of your hand with their trunks.

Visit Wat Kaew TempleWat-Kaew-Temple-Krabi

Wat Kaew is a temple sitting in the middle of Krabi Town, It is not the biggest of temples but has beautiful decorations on the inside walls, they are painted blue and have various Buddhist drawings on them, at one end of the temple is a large golden Buddha which is the focal point of the temple. Outside are various food stalls and vendors looking to sell amulets.

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