5 Destinations Not To Be Missed When You In Laos

5 Destinations Not To Be Missed When You In Laos

Laos is a country with many beautiful overwhelmed scenery, suitable for adventurous travelers, unafraid of hardships.

  1. Bokeo Nature Reserve

5 Destinations Not To Be Missed When You In Laos

It was built for the purpose of preserving black chin apes – animals seemed extinct. This trip will be difficult to complete if the tourists have not experienced life at the Gibbon Experience Zone, an ecotourism project combines with conservation.

Guests will be able to live in the trees and travel by swing like Tarzan. This reserve is also home to many species of elephants, bears, tigers and water buffalo. In addition, this is also where the breeding and natural handover of rare animals which are hunted and the ideal location to observe birds with high quarter from 500 to 1500 meters.

  1. Nong Kiau

5 Destinations Not To Be Missed When You In Laos

Kiau Nong, also known as Nong Khiaw, is attractive tourist destination in the province of Luang Prabang, well-kown for tourism climbing activity. The bridge connects the two banks of Nong Kiau crossing Nam Ou river where visitors should not be ignored.

From this bridge, visitors can admire the wonder scenery of the mountains and rivers. Adventure lovers can explore Tok Pha cave is located about 2km from the village. This is also where the villagers resided in the Indochina war. Nong Kiau is a relatively backward village, so visitors should not expect the quality of the service here.

  1. Tham Kong Lo


Tham Kong Lo is a limestone cave located in Phu Hin Bin national parks. Located on Phu Hin Bin River, this is one of the geological wonders of the famous Southeast Asia. It length is over 6.5 km and some place can reach the height up to 91 meters.

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In the cave there is emerald lake which local people worship because they think the color of the water reflection of the god Indra’s skin, a Hindu deity. Tourists come here can visit by boat and choosing the overnight accommodation is also quite simple.

  1. Luang Namtha Province


It is the provincial capital of Luang Namtha and the largest city in the northwestern region of Laos. This is a renowned place to climbing people, especially those who choose coming to Laos by traveling through Chinese mountain ice.

Guests can visit the villages of ethnic minority people here by crossing the hills. Also, rent a motorbike or mountain bike is a great way to visit the village, the nearby waterfall. After a day free to explore, guests can relax with a soak in the tub filled with herbal water. The night market here is also an ideal place to enjoy many exciting specialties.

  1. Si Phan Don


This is a beautiful islands cluster system located on the Mekong River in southern Laos. The Mekong flows through this river create Khone waterfalls and a string of reefs stretching 9.7 kilometers to paralyze all transportations.

At the basin under the waterfall you can even see Irrawaddy dolphins which are extremely dangerous. The three main islands here is Don Det, Don Khon and Done Kong are very attractive to many tourists despite the motels on the island are a little bit simple. Motorcycles and kayaks can be rented in town.

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