PKZ: Pakse - Pakse Intl. Airport


Pakse is one of the largest towns in Laos and a major transportation hub for southern quarters of the country. Once the capital of southern Laos you should fly into Pakse International Airport to reach the scenic Bolaven Plateau or Si Phan Don. In 2010 the airport was closed for major construction works and reopened later that year to once again receive scheduled flights from Vientiane, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Siem Reap.

At Pakse airport, you can obtain a tourist visa-on-arrival for 28 days. To do so submit your application form (which you can download prior to travel), your passport, two passport photos and US$20-45 depending on your nationality. US, UK and European nationals are charged US$35.00 while people from Canada are charged US$42.00. Swedes pay US$31.00 and Australians can purchase the visa for US$30.00. This must be paid in US dollars or Thai baht. The application will only take a few minutes then you should proceed through passport control before claiming your baggage and heading out into the arrivals hall.

There is a security checkpoint upon arrival at the airport. Check in desks are immediately ahead. After checking in proceed through to the passport control area, one more security checkpoint then into the departures waiting lounge.